Wednesday, April 18, 2012

0.5.2-SNAPSHOT available on Github


From now, I will give more information on the development of the jenkins plugin. A SNAPSHOT is available on github. It contains the following changelog :
  • [Upd] Improvement in handling Connection Exception
  • [Add] Widget : when clicking on the status icon, a popup is displayed with builds status summary
  • [Fix] Widget should not be duplicated when multiple project windows are opened
News since May 15 2012:
  • [Add] The plugin starts up with the last selected view
  • [Upd] Jobs are loaded in background (with a loading decorator) 
  • [Upd] On the popup summary panel, a health icon for the selected view is displayed
  • [Fix] Build parameter dialog does not work
To install it,
  • Make sure you have official release installed on your IDE (0.5.1 for example).
  • Close your IDE
  • Download it and save it into <.IntelliJ>/config/plugin/jenkins-control-plugin-0.5.1/libs (do not forget to remove the old jenkins-control-plugin-0.5.1.jar).



Edit : Some people got some ClassNotFoundDefException when they tried to install it. I forgot to mention in the installation steps to have the jenkins plugin already installed before to proceed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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