Wednesday, February 25, 2015

mongo4idea 0.7.0 is done!

Hi all,

I am please to announce the delivery of mongo4idea plugin 0.7.0.

I have been quite busy these last 6 months. I am sorry for the users of Idea 14 (and other latest Jetbrains products) who have waited it fixed.

Significant changes have been maid:
  • New design of Query Panel
  • Drop Collection and Database actions (caution!)
  • Dates are displayed in UTC
  • Better integration of Darcula/Intellij Themes
  • DateTimePicker available when editing a document
  • SSL Support (not tested)
  • Bug fixes of course ;)
As I announced in the previous blog post, I will stop its development and focus on nosql4idea plugin.

I do not forget jenkins plugin users so it will be updated ASAP.

Thanks for using it (over 165000 downloads so far - all versions includes).


Thursday, July 10, 2014

New plugin announced

Hi all,

The mongo plugin seems to grow in the right direction and I would like to thank all users who sent me relevant feedbacks.

I was thinking about extending it by supporting other document oriented databases such as RedisDB and CouchDB.

That means I will make some abstraction in the source code to esay make any new NoSQL database support and this plugin will be named nosql4idea.

I will not announce any release date but all interested users will be able to test snapshots on the github page.

Moreover, I will appreciate any donation for helping me to move on this direction. A paypal button is available at the right of this blog.

Thanks again for using it,


Monday, July 7, 2014

Mongo 0.6.0 is out


this release contains some cool stuff :
  • Collection content UI  was rewritten:
    • it is now displayed as a file tab editor (more convenient than the previous version)
    • Single query panel manages both simple and aggregate
  • You can add new document
  • You can run a js script on your mongo server (CTRL+MAJ+F10)
  • Replica set configuration is supported
  • bugs fixes

Enjoy it :),


Last edit : due to some refactoring when coding replica set support in the configuration, server url is unset when updating the plugin. You will have to set it again.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Mongo4idea 0.5.0 is out


I am pleased to announce that a new release of the mongo plugin for Idea is available.

It includes the document edition and fix a major bug that make the plugin crash on Idea 13 and Webstorm 7.

The UI of the edition needs some improvements, this is why I need feedback from users.



Thursday, June 20, 2013

mongo4idea 0.4.2 is out


Updated version of mongo4idea is available. Here below the changelog:
  • [add] #44 Configuration: set working directory for mongo shell
  • [add] #43 Add expand/collapse actions for the mongo explorer
  • [add] 'Refresh' from toolbar refreshes all servers, 'Refresh' from popup refreshes only the selected server
  • [upd] Failover when cannot connect to a server
  • [fix] #42 user database is not passed to the URI



jenkins plugin 0.9.0 is out

Hi all,

I was "idle" during some months.

Yuri Novitsky made a great job to add Patch Parameter Plugin support. This feature allows sending modified files to Jenkins without comitting to the VCS and check if there are some regressions or not.
Instructions are in the README file.

Changelog for this version:
  • [Add] [Patch Parameter Plugin] Notification about build progress
  • [Add] [Patch Parameter Plugin] Action "Create Patch and build on Jenkins" in Changelist's context menu
  • [Add] [Patch Parameter Plugin] Macros $JobName$ for suffix setting
  • [Add] [Patch Parameter Plugin] Support of Patch Parameter Plugin
  • [Upd] [HttpClient][workaround] Set socket and connection timeout to 10 sec.
  • [Upd] #55 If 'display name' of the job is set, use it instead of the 'name' value
  • [Fix] EDT thread violation
  • [Fix] #54 last selected view is not saved after closing the IDE
I hope you still enjoy using this plugin.


Note : mongo4idea should be also release today

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

mongo4idea 0.4.0 is out


I am pleased to announce the release 0.4.0 of mongo4idea. Many bug fixes, misc improvements. Here below the changelog:
  • [fix] #39 Mongo connection leak
  • [fix] #33 Error marker in popup points to incorrect position
  • [fix] #32 $unwind operator does not work
  • [fix] #35 No way to connect to server if Autoconnect is disabled
  • [add] #31 Specific database can be set in the configuration
  • [add] #30 Results are rendered in a TreeTable
Enjoy it,