Thursday, June 20, 2013

jenkins plugin 0.9.0 is out

Hi all,

I was "idle" during some months.

Yuri Novitsky made a great job to add Patch Parameter Plugin support. This feature allows sending modified files to Jenkins without comitting to the VCS and check if there are some regressions or not.
Instructions are in the README file.

Changelog for this version:
  • [Add] [Patch Parameter Plugin] Notification about build progress
  • [Add] [Patch Parameter Plugin] Action "Create Patch and build on Jenkins" in Changelist's context menu
  • [Add] [Patch Parameter Plugin] Macros $JobName$ for suffix setting
  • [Add] [Patch Parameter Plugin] Support of Patch Parameter Plugin
  • [Upd] [HttpClient][workaround] Set socket and connection timeout to 10 sec.
  • [Upd] #55 If 'display name' of the job is set, use it instead of the 'name' value
  • [Fix] EDT thread violation
  • [Fix] #54 last selected view is not saved after closing the IDE
I hope you still enjoy using this plugin.


Note : mongo4idea should be also release today