Wednesday, February 25, 2015

mongo4idea 0.7.0 is done!

Hi all,

I am please to announce the delivery of mongo4idea plugin 0.7.0.

I have been quite busy these last 6 months. I am sorry for the users of Idea 14 (and other latest Jetbrains products) who have waited it fixed.

Significant changes have been maid:
  • New design of Query Panel
  • Drop Collection and Database actions (caution!)
  • Dates are displayed in UTC
  • Better integration of Darcula/Intellij Themes
  • DateTimePicker available when editing a document
  • SSL Support (not tested)
  • Bug fixes of course ;)
As I announced in the previous blog post, I will stop its development and focus on nosql4idea plugin.

I do not forget jenkins plugin users so it will be updated ASAP.

Thanks for using it (over 165000 downloads so far - all versions includes).