Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Jenkins plugin is released


I just published new version 0.7.0 of Jenkins Plugin. This version will break the plugin configuration because the last changes. I hope the plugin settings will be more easy to use and to modify.

Here below the changelog:
  • [Upd] UI: Fix Color for new Look&Feel Darcula of IDEA 12
  • [Upd] UI: Remove unecessary titled 'job' panel
  • [Upd] Configuration: Complete UI Refactor
  • [Upd] #38 Password storage is managed by IntelliJ (not backward compatible)
  • [Upd] #37 User specific configuration is stored in IWS file instead of IPR file (not backward compatible)
  • [Upd] Search: Add UP and DOWN key for key shortcut
  • [Upd] Search: Replace startWith matcher by contains
  • [Fix] Bug in JSON parsing causes infinite loop

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